How do i find out my motherboard chipset

The southbridge is slower than the northbridge, and information from the CPU has to go through the northbridge before reaching the southbridge. Chipset selection and CPU selection go hand in hand, because manufacturers optimize chipsets to work with specific CPUs. The chipset is an integrated part of the motherboard, so it cannot be removed or upgraded. This means that not only must the motherboard's socket fit the CPU, the motherboard's chipset must work optimally with the CPU.

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What is a Chipset?

Then you have Z97 vs H97 motherboards, for example. The Q series is for business, and has security features builtin on the motherboard, such as Identity Protection.

Identifying through Windows or another utility

The B series is "budget" and doesn't have any additional features, except the basics to work. Last edited by McSwifty ; 11 Mar, am. I know you knew that. It was for OP's edification.

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AMD FX4 or 6, a chipset is fine. But u maxing out those boards then.

FX8 or 9; u must get a quality FX board. FX 9 get the non-cooler-bundled box CPU and buy a quality liquid cooler. And whatever board it is, update it to the latest BIOS for stability purposes. Fluffy View Profile View Posts.

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Last edited by Fluffy ; 11 Mar, am. Or a iK if you have the budget. Last edited by SundownKid ; 11 Mar, am.

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