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A Russian spy attempts to lure defense secrets from a New York engineer in the s.

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On September 13, , Fawaz Younis became the first international terrorist to be apprehended overseas and brought back to the United States to stand trial. On December 8, , a group of amateur criminals hoping to strike it rich engineered one of the most infamous kidnappings in American history. Kelly and his gang kidnapped a wealthy oil magnate in and as legend has it, famously gave agents their "G-men" moniker upon his arrest.

The kidnapping of a six-year-old boy by a pair of criminals ends tragically.

Navy diver in A hollow nickel found by a Brooklyn newspaper boy leads to the identification of a Russian spy in The FBI responds following a massive hurricane in August , helping to prevent crime and fraud. Iva Toguri Aquino, who gained notoriety as the mythical Tokyo Rose, was the seventh person to be convicted of treason in U. When United Air Lines Flight blows up in mid-air in , FBI agents painstakingly piece together the clues to identify the bomber. Treacy, Jr.

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After conducting some 25, interviews and running down tens of thousands of investigative leads, the FBI found that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. A New York agent's masterful undercover work helped take down Mafia leaders in the s. John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. On September 25, , Special Agent J. The FBI and its partners finally put away a ruthless New York mobster and head of the Gambino crime family in the s. Special Agent William R.

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Ramsey was killed on May 3, while attempting to arrest alleged robbers of a Lapel, Indiana bank. The FBI hunts down a serial bomber who killed a federal judge and an Atlanta attorney in the late s. A mass murder committed in front of a railway station in Kansas City, Missouri in June shocked the American public and led to new crime laws. This series details the work of the FBI to protect the American people—especially minorities—from the evils of the modern-day Klan.

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The theft of a valuable diamond ring in leads the FBI on a chase across the country. Nelson was a ruthless and violent gangster who killed three FBI agents and many others before being taken down in a firefight with the Bureau in When the son of the famed aviator was kidnapped in , the FBI and its new crime laboratory played a key supporting role. Maksim Martynov, a member of the Soviet delegation to the United Nations, is identified as a spy in the s. Justice is finally served in the murder of a civil rights activist in Jackson, Mississippi.

A few decades ago, computer viruses were still relatively new notions to most Americans, but the fast-moving and destructive Melissa virus changed that in a significant way and showed many the darker side of the web. In , a graduate student unleashed the first major attack on the Internet and became the first person convicted of a new type of crime.

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Leave this field empty. All Sections View and post jobs in journalism. Nicola Sturgeon denies role in late-night attempt to block Sunday Mail splash. BBC journalist shares advice on how to 'do no harm' when covering sensitive stories.

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Explore these topics Court Reporting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Editorial: By criminalising children at a lower age than any other EU country, the UK shows itself to be stuck in the past. Published: 4 Nov Children in the dock Age of criminal responsibility must be raised, say experts. Published: 2 Nov MPs urge compulsory refunds for victims of bank transfer fraud.

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