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Use our table below to understand which law can help you get out of your defective vehicle.

Of the four states, only New York and New Jersey have a used car lemon law. Pennsylvania and Maryland do not.

Is There a Lemon Law for RVs? – Camper Report

In both NY and NJ a car must be purchased with less than , miles on the odometer. NJ has an additional requirement that the vehicle must be less than 7 years old at the time of purchase, but the manufacturer's warranty must be expired and the car must be returned for a covered defect within the lemon law warranty period. In NJ the car must be returned no less than 3 times within the warranty period or out of service for greater than twenty days. NY requires that the car be returned no less than 3 times within the warranty period or out of service for greater than 15 days.

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Unfortunately, most states exclude commercial vehicles from lemon law due to the tax benefits consumer vehicles are allotted. The basic requirements are that a vehicle has been delivered to an authorized dealership three or more times for the same defect or the vehicle is out of service greater than thirty days for an issue. Again, the requirements vary depending on the type of vehicle, so it is important to speak with an experienced attorney to understand your rights. It is important to start your lemon law action as early as possible to increase your chances of recovery.

Every state has a time limit in which you are permitted to bring a lemon law claim and it is usually three to four years after the purchase or lease of your vehicle.

However, you do not want to wait until just before the time limit expires to get a claim started. The earlier the process starts, the sooner you can be free of your defective vehicle. Generally, this means that the defect must be one that impairs the drivability of the vehicle.

Is There a Lemon Law for RVs?

Each state evaluates this threshold differently, so it is important to have an experienced attorney who understands what each state finds important in evaluating lemon law cases to best advocate your position. Each state requires that a vehicle manufacturer be given a reasonable amount of time or number of attempts to fix a defective vehicle. Across the board, thirty days is the magic number for a reasonable amount of time to repair; should a manufacturer surpass this amount of time, you may have a lemon.

However, this is not the only determining factor.

The number of visits a consumer makes to a dealership for repair is also important. Generally, if a car is returned to a dealership three or more times for the same defect, you may have a lemon law claim. While some people attempt to handle their lemon law boat claim on their own, vehicle manufacturers often refuse to issue a refund or to provide a replacement boat. However, Ken Stern understands how to leverage the full power of The Federal Lemon Law against watercraft manufacturers.

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The statute balances the scales of justice for individual consumers against large boat manufacturers by authorizing consumers to receive their money paid toward the purchase or a replacement boat and also an award for court costs and attorney fees. Because the statute permits consumers to receive separate compensation for these legal expenses, consumers have nothing to lose by hiring an experienced watercraft lemon lawyer.

This statute and similar laws in other states protect consumers who are the victims of fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation when purchasing a boat. The law also provides relief if you purchase a boat that does not function. The manufacturer or another party must do more than simply make attempts to fix the problem; the law requires the problem be remedied. Like The Federal Lemon Law, the MCPA authorizes a consumer to receive damages like the money invested in the boat, and it also provides for an award of attorney fees and court costs.

The attorney fee provision in both of these statutes means that an experienced lemon law lawyer should not need to charge you any upfront money.

What are the Lemon Laws?

The Center for Auto Safety continues to fight against this consumer abuse. They are one of the best ways for consumers to settle disputes with a dealer, service station, repair shop, garage, or auto manufacturer. Learn more. Qualifications for Lemon Law protections may differ state-by-state.

Learn more about how your state defines a Lemon. In Canada?