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But my mind was whirling and my pants were feeling tight again. As I regained my balance and started to breath normally again, Greta shifted away slightly and looked toward Willie. I pulled away too, and my face felt hot. Willie was gaping at us. The other person stepped around from behind him and stopped. She was staring at Greta and me, and as I watched her face I saw her eyes narrow and her lips press tightly together.

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She dropped her eyes then, turned and walked back toward the stairs. The dock lost its solid feeling and seemed to sway under my feet. Probably my imagination. Or maybe from being on the water for so long. Maybe not. Willie kept coming. I pulled myself away from Greta and reached down to pick up my pack. Alaska state troopers have been calling me non-stop.

What are they calling you for. They're supposed to be over here waiting for me. I'm talking about their dispatch office calling me.

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And then two of them came by in a patrol car this morning looking for you or their officers. So where are they? I have no idea where they are.

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I flew them over there to Taroka last night, so they could investigate a call they got. He finally nodded. Then the fog came in, and my sat phone died. The power went out at the lodge and … Christ, what a mess. Brandy was standing twenty feet away staring off into the distance with her arms wrapped across her chest. Where's the plane? Oh, it's grounded over on Taroka. There's no way to fly in this stuff," I said throwing my arm toward the sky.

I noticed then that Greta and Charlie had gathered their stuff and were moving past us down the dock toward Brandy.

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Charlie was weighed down with his backpack and the two large suitcases. Greta had her makeup bag tucked under one arm and was pulling Tambourine along by the back of his coat with her other hand. The Sponge Bob pack was laying on the pier by Willie's feet. Hang on a sec. Then I hurried down the dock to catch up. I maneuvered carefully around her on the narrow walkway.

He stopped and looked back at me, but Greta started up the stairs pulling Tambourine behind her. Where you going? Charlie shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, then turned and started up the stairs behind the others. I watched them for a moment trying to think of something to say. Greta had reached the top of the stairs and I looked at her for some sign, but she didn't look back. I turned to answer him and then noticed the yellow back pack still in my hand. Swinging back around I saw the three of them just leaving the top of the staircase and out of view.

I looked back and forth between them and the pack in my hand, my thoughts stumbling over each other like boulders in a mud slide. You remember. At the bar? I called them but their answering machine was on. How was I supposed to know everything was going to get so screwed up? Shit happens. Willie threw out his hands in frustration. Even the Coast Guard has been trying to get out here to find you guys. I stared at Willie trying to understand.

Charlie said they took off in a skiff chasing the guy when the fog came in. How bad is it anyhow? But only for about ten miles east of here. No one could get in here, so I gave it a try. I had to get kind of low to get underneath it. She'd walked up to join us and there was an edge in her voice I remembered all too well.

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Illegal as hell. I knew the runway was just up that little trail over there, so I found it okay. No big deal. I used to fly stuff like that all the time when I lived out in Bristol Bay. Willie cleared his throat. His words hit me like a slap.

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My eyes snapped in that direction in alarm but all I saw was Brandy glaring at me and waiting for an answer. My mouth fell open and I felt my eyes bugging out. What the hell are you talking about? Phil told them the company policy is to file a flight plan with the FAA.


A wave of sickness filled my belly. Finally I choked out a question. I told you that last night. Tell that to my bill collectors. We all just got here. If the troopers are here someone will know about it. I needed space from Willie's sharp tongue. And Phil threw me to the wolves? What a freaking jerk!

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